Welcome to Koeltehof Packers – Avocado Packing and Distribution

Koeltehof Packers is an innovative avocado packing and distribution plant with a human face. We’re invested in quality, personalised service, sustainable job creation, and you, the grower. Plus, our dedication to long-standing relationships means that we know our partners personally. In other words: We’re committed to your needs. And we’re in it for the long run.

Your dependable Agri-Packaging Partner.

Koeltehof Packers offers the following products and services:

  • Avocado Packing and Distribution
  • Logistical services via the collection of fruit and bin drop-off throughout the season. This eliminates transport challenges and facilitates picking and collection for growers.
  • Specialised local packing
  • Guacamole and oil supplies
  • Technical field advice
  • Spraying and injecting of trees (with pyrethrin) to protect the crop from soil-borne diseases like cankers, fruit rot, root rot, sun blotch, wilts and blights
  • Global gap audit, certification consulting and advisory services

Getting to know Koeltehof Packers

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