Avocado Packing and Distribution

Koeltehof Packers is the one-stop-shop for avocado-growers, distributors and importers in Mpumalanga, across South Africa, Europe and new markets like the United States. We sort, grade and pack avocado produce and distribute it to the appropriate destination. And our technological and other upgrades have doubled our capacity to 4950 tonnes a month.

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You can depend on Koeltehof Packers’ excellent service at affordable, competitive prices.

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Koeltehof Packers is proud to offer growers the following value-adding services:

  • Logistical services via the collection of fruit and bin drop-off throughout the season. This eliminates transport challenges and facilitates picking and collection for growers.
  • Specialised local packing
  • Guacamole and oil supplies
  • Technical field advice
  • Spraying and injecting of trees (with pyrethrin) to protect the crop from soil-borne diseases like cankers, fruit rot, root rot, sun blotch, wilts and blights
  • Global gap audit, certification consulting and advisory services

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